Patchwork of History

Welcome to the “Patchwork of History”, a special event from the Vevay-Switzerland County Bicentennial. We honored quilters past and present from our county as well as social and service organizations that have a long term history in Switzerland County. Quilt making has been part of the lives of the women in Switzerland County from its distant past to the ongoing future. The array of quilts is breathtaking. It is our pleasure to share these treasures with you.  Due to the number of quilts shared, many quilts had to be hung over a rod so only half of it could be pictured. Others were cropped to show detail.  A slide show of the quilts is below. Click on any photo to see in full screen mode. Enjoy these glimpses into the "Patchwork of History" exhibit.

Debbie Allen
Mary Archer
Tricia Archer
Nancy Cooper Barker
Diana Barry
Macy Barwick
Wanda Benzing
Martha Bladen
Robert T. Dorsey
Arbanna Harris
Jeni Holloway
Alexandra Howard
Max Howard
Alice Kappes
Andrea Kappes
Judith Bradford Kappes
Martha Keith
Ruth Lohide
Lona White Mathews
Nancy Mayo-Miller
Maxine Meisberger
Helen Parks
Betty Ann Pavy
Lloyd Pavy
Sharon Ray
Jimmy Ray
Margaret Ann Riley
Luann Schaeffer
Sharon Schmitt
Jeni Scudder
Jessie Ray Shell
Carol Sieglitz
Dennis Smith
Mary Smith
Switzerland County Historical Society
Lucille Weales
Jane Wiley

Allensville Methodist Church
Elberta Archer
Eva Armstrong
Neithal Armstrong
Rose Banta
Diana Barry
Mrs. Bennett of Vevay
Wanda Benzing
Janet Bond
Nettie Duvall Bradford
Dorothy Martin Burley
Martha Burnett
Clara Burroughs
Carla Burt
Martha Hulley Callis
Martha Cole Elizabeth Cooper
Bertha Cooper Danner
Lucy Detraz
Arbanna Harris
Judith Bradford Kappes
Reba Leap
Leona Fish Lewis
Bertha Martin
Lona White Mathews
Maxine Meisberger
Lauren Murray
Sandra Noah
Ruth Osborn
Betty Ann Pavy
Pleasant Grove Methodist Church
Ophia Poore
Lona Cole Pullman
Dorothy Ray
Sharon Ray
Mary P. Cole Rous
Luann Schaeffer
Spring Branch Baptist Ladies
Mary Smith
Switzerland County Elementary School Sixth Graders
Lucille Weales
American Legion Cemetery Commission
Center Square Baptist Church (Celebrating 200 years)
Eggleston Club
Homemakers Clubs
Julia Dumont Club
Lions Club
Masons & other Lodges