2024 Schedule of Events

May 6th – 10th (Monday – Friday) - “Conservators’ Holiday”. While our first event is primarily for members, we can always use some extra help. It is a week dedicated to working on preservation and maintenance projects at our three sites. We also take a day off to visit a historic site. This year, the Stevens Memorial Museum, the John Hay Center, and the Depot Railroad Museum in Salem will be our “field trip .

May 11th (Saturday - “Hay Days” at the Thiebaud Farmstead. The operation of the hay-press is the main event, with trades and local historic events of c. 1860 being highlighted. Free event.

June 17th – 21st (Monday – Friday) - “Back to Basics” Day Camp at the Thiebaud Farmstead provides five days of hands-on activities for eight to eleven year-olds. Nature will be the focus, along with handcrafts and old-fashioned games. Day Camp is limited to 15 participants. A $25 registration fee covers expenses for all five days.

July 7th (Sunday) - Creating a “Housewife”, a clever name for a sewing kit for travel in the early to mid-1800s, will be a delightful afternoon at the Thiebaud house. While participants are sewing in the parlor, a delicious repast will be prepared for them in the kitchen. A fee of $30 includes all materials.

POSTPONED July TBD - The paintings of Josiah Leatherbury will be displayed in the historical museum on a weekend date. Some of the paintings will be from private collectors and some new ones will be offered for sale. This engaging event is still in the planning.

September 21st (Saturday) - “Archaeology Day” will be held at the historical museum. This popular event offers the opportunity for people to bring artifacts, rocks and fossils to be identified by an archaeologist and geologist. Flint knapping and spear throwing with an atlatl will be part of the day’s activities. Free event.

October 19th (Saturday) - “All Hallows Eve” ventures into mystical Halloweens of the past and will be held on the museum grounds. Storytelling, phrenology, the lore of body snatching and grave digging, fortune telling, cider pressing, games and crafts are all part of the fun. Free event.

December 14th (Saturday) - “A Country Christmas” at the Thiebaud Farmstead will close-out our year of history related activities. We love sharing this event with Musee de Venoge as we celebrate Christmases of the past. It is our gift to the community and you!

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Unless noted, events are free, however, donations are appreciated.


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